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What is custom Salesforce

Sometimes your Salesforce org needs a little more than out-of-the-box solutions or pre-built apps on the AppExchange. We help clients fill these gaps with custom developed applications on their Salesforce platform.

Whether you want to automate your business processes, connect third-party applications, or create some custom workflows, our expert developers can quickly identify each requirement, build a custom application and easily integrate it with your external systems.

Since our custom development is built on the Salesforce ecosystem, you can rely on your app to be secure. We'll help you scale it.

The right way to maximize your Salesforce investment

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A bit about what you'll get
  • Custom Salesforce solutions to meet your business needs
  • Developers that will demystify Salesforce for you
  • Salesforce thought leadership - we've seen a few things or two
  • You'll view Salesforce as a catalyst for your business

Case studies

Read some of our success stories from those we've worked with in the past.

How do you know if custom development is right for you?

Here are a few reasons:

Out-of-the-box Salesforce isn't cutting it for your business
Are you struggling to find a Salesforce solution that meets your unique needs?
There aren't any solutions on the AppExchange
You can't find anything on the AppExchange to solve your business problem.
You want Salesforce to replicate your business processes - to the T
You want your own application to reflect your business processes.

Want to see if Salesforce Development Services is right for you?

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Prospects usually say:
  • "I don't know how to integrate this app with Salesforce."
  • "I need someone to build a custom Salesforce app to close opportunities"
  • "Our business process is pretty complex. Could you help us implement it in Salesforce?"
  • "Can you help us figure out which Salesforce APIs we need to hit for our application?"

Our Salesforce Development Services

Custom Salesforce Application Development
Our developers have years of expertise in crafting bespoke applications. They also have the ability to work within multiple Salesforce systems and industries - quickly creating custom programs uniquely tailored for your needs.

Put simply: better solutions faster. Get more value from automating business processes with our development services that provide an early return on investment – all while improving your Salesforce org.
Salesforce Technical Consultants
Our Salesforce consultants can carry out a comprehensive audit of your technology environment and complete customized development projects.

Building custom objects? Migrating data? Crafting page layouts or automating processes with Flow? Whether you're configuring Web/Email-to Lead rules or coming up with intricate security permissions - our technical gurus have the expertise to make it happen.
Salesforce Administrator
We've got highly accomplished Salesforce administrators available to provide you with superior maintenance and support services.

We can work on setting up Experience Cloud, configuring Approvals, creating reports & dashboards customized based on your needs or requirements, customizing user permissions in line with industry standards. We've even seen some M&As. Those are fun.
CRM/Data Migration Services
Streamline your transition to Salesforce and ensure secure data migration with our experience in compliance.

We'll also help you optimize the quality of any existing information by cleansing and removing duplicates as needed.
Health Check your Org
Our experts can provide a comprehensive health check of your Salesforce instance, enabling you to stay ahead of any issues that may have been impeding your success.

Through this audit we'll identify and diagnose areas where improvement is possible. We want you to get the optimal performance from your Salesforce investment.
Integrate your App w/Salesforce
Our developers are ready to get your custom application running smoothly with Salesforce Clouds and link it up to external solutions.

We've integrated with anything from social media platforms to financial services and SaaS applications.

Why make integrations with Salesforce painful? We're right here.

Custom Integrations
Sometimes your Salesforce application needs to integrate with a custom tool that doesn't have an out-of-the-box Salesforce integration. We understand.

That's why we offer Custom Integration services.  Get the Salesforce performance necessary for your success.
Training & Documentation
We'll make sure your team is fully equipped to use your solution with confidence.

Our comprehensive documentation and training provide the skills they need, while 'train-the-trainer' sessions allow them to pass their knowledge on and share their expertise across the organization.

Don't let lack of Salesforce knowledge be a bottleneck for your success.

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  • Get your users to actually adopt Salesforce.
  • Take advantage of the latest Salesforce updates.
  • Get effective responses to your business needs or disruptions.
  • You'll view Salesforce as a catalyst for your business.

The Salesforce Development Process

1. Analysis

We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and develop the most fitting technology plan to address them.

- Examining business objectives and customer needs
- Systematically documenting operational processes
- dentifying system architecture issues, security flaws, and potential barriers and risks of implementation
- Strategizing and outlining resource allocation

2. Discovery

We’re committed to delivering a seamless user experience that meets all your needs, efficiently and thoroughly. Our team is taking the time to assess every possible scenario while keeping your priorities in mind throughout the process, ensuring you get exactly what you need out of this project.

- Designing an optimized system architecture plan
- Diagnosing app architecture defects
- Analyzing security implications
- Managing licensing requirements

3. Solution Design

We'll design how your custom solution will work.

Solution design includes, but is not limited to: figuring out who gets access to what, making the data
- Making the data that goes through your application secure
- Turning around the solution in a timely manner
- Adhering to industry-specific norms

4. Development

To ensure that your final product meets all of your needs and expectations, we keep you in the loop throughout our development cycle.

We hold show-and-tell sessions, live demos, and recorded presentations so that you can track progress as we make it.

After each sprint is complete, we also evaluate the product to make customized adjustments based on feedback from stakeholders - not to mention integrating with any third party tools or services required for success!

5. QA Testing

Our QA team will test your solution so it can lives up to the stress test of everyday use by your users.

We'll ensure quality and stability through a comprehensive suite of tests, including unit testing & code reviewing, functional tests, performance checks and/or test automation.

6. User Training

Our experts are adept at training our clients to use their custom solutions, increasing user adoption and effectiveness.

We can train users on-site, remotely, or using a hybrid approach. We also invest time into training the trainers that will be the SMEs for your Salesforce instance.

If some of your admins need Salesforce training, we can do that too.

Lastly, we provide training materials for your Salesforce team to reference so that they're

7. Support

Our team of experts is here to ensure that you can get the most out of your new solution. Our support will have you running smoothly.

How do you benefit from custom Salesforce development?

Customized, just for you
Make sure your solution is tailored to you.

We provide easy-to-use customization that ensures a perfect fit for all of your needs and processes.
Self-service apps
Our services and tools are designed to empower customers with the freedom they need - providing self-serve access that streamlines customer service while decreasing overhead costs.
Better data quality
Who likes bad data? Your custom solution will help keep your data in your org clean - minimizing duplicate risk and keeping your end users happy to keep using Salesforce.
Single source of truth
Put an end to data fragmentation and centrally store all essential information in one organized, conveniently located source. Access the truth quickly - your very own single source of truth awaits.
Boost efficiency
Streamline operations, save time and reap cost-savings.

How? By leveraging third party tools and services to support your organization.

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