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So, tell me about Managed Services...

Companies take on Culminate's Managed Services to keep their Salesforce platform in order. Need to tighten up your Salesforce org around the edges? 

We also resolve any issues that appear – quickly and effectively. And if your needs vary, that's fine too.

With Culminate's Managed Services, you'll have a set of hours each month. You can even roll some of them over to next month if you don’t use them all.

It's all to make sure you make the most out of your Salesforce investment. That means you can always make the best use of all of your investment.

The right way to maximize your Salesforce investment

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  • Get your users to actually adopt Salesforce
  • Take advantage of the latest Salesforce updates
  • Customize Salesforce to your business processes
  • Analyze your business needs and give recommendations with Salesforce

How do I know if Salesforce Managed Services is for me?

You have a new Salesforce instance and need some support, training or small enhancements.
You need to ramp up your Salesforce implementation and don't have the resources to do so.
You don't have many Salesforce experts in house and you need help.
Your in house Salesforce admins have limited to no bandwidth, yet you still need help.
You have to proactively keep up with the newest Salesforce bells and whistles.
Your Salesforce instance is too complex. "How does that work in Salesforce again?" is something you say often.
You don't like your current Salesforce Managed Services provider.
It's hard to find high quality Salesforce expertise and you need support now.
Your current Managed Services provider isn't flexible or hard to work with.

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Forget about the stresses of working with multiple Salesforce vendors. Our team can tackle your Salesforce issues.

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  • Get your users to actually adopt Salesforce
  • Take advantage of the latest Salesforce updates
  • Customize Salesforce to your business processes
  • Analyze your business needs and give recommendations with Salesforce


Here are just some of the Clouds we support.

Sales Cloud
The product that put Salesforce on the map. Help your Sales team improve their Sales process and close more deals.
Service Cloud
Help your Customer Support function service customers better and faster.
Experience Cloud
Build websites and customer portals with connected data quickly.
Salesforce Platform
Automate processes, build better applications, and secure your data across the board.
Revenue Cloud
End-to-end revenue management solution. CPQ, Billing, Subscription management.

Unsure about the scope of services your business needs?

We can map out the needs of your business and customize the managed services delivery to satisfy them.

Frequently asked

So what are Salesforce Managed Services?

Think of it as a comprehensive set of activities aiming to help companies increase their return on investment by ensuring Salesforce performs properly and prevent system issues.

What's an example of Managed Services?

We could consult on feature and process improvements that you could make in Salesforce. We could implement a new Salesforce product or Cloud that will help your business grow. We can customize your Salesforce instance to meet the needs of your business.

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription fee is based on a few factors (Clouds, Editions, Users, customization need).

If your Salesforce org needs huge changes, we'll price them separately or can include the cost proportionally in the monthly fee.

We'd provide an estimate for you.

Do you perform any ongoing maintenance of our Salesforce instance?

Yes, we perform system and performance checks to maintain the stability of your Salesforce CRM.

How do I benefit from Salesforce Managed Services?

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  • Reliable Salesforce solutions that evolve with your business needs.
  • Get your users to actually adopt Salesforce.
  • 8+ years of developing on Salesforce or leading Salesforce teams.
  • Take advantage of the latest Salesforce updates.
  • Efficient cost: You won't need to have a large in-house Salesforce team.
  • We'll complement your Salesforce solutions with other Salesforce products or AppExchange products.
  • Optimize your processes with new Salesforce automations.
  • You'll get effective responses to your business needs or disruptions.
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